K-Grill & Tofu House

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Some words about us

It's cold out, so my friend and I came for soondubu.

I got the combo which came with seafood, beef, and mushrooms. The seafood was a shrimp, a mussel, and a clam in shell that didn't open. I learned you're not supposed to eat a clam that doesn't open. Honestly not there for the toppings because I love tofu and the egg that you crack in the soup so it gently cooks becomes perfectly soft. Medium spicy had a kick but not enough to have me run for water.

I love that the rice pot came in a wooden container so I couldn't burn myself. One of my favorite things about Korean food is the banchan. The fish cake was soft. I love kimchi. And I really didn't think I'd like apples in mayo, but it was addicting.

We also got Duk Bok Ee. Again, medium was the perfect amount of spice, and the rice cakes were deliciously chewy.